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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Girls...Big Games...Big Tears


First Michigan blows up Sparty, now the Knicks are working the Heat hard, and I'm a tired, but happy dude. Sorry, I just had to use the word, dude. Thursday nights are made for this kinda stuff. All that and Zedder was awfully cute tonight. Even when she got sent to her room for an over-the-top "no," aimed at Daddy, she rallied and was quick to pick herself up. It was difficult to stay mad at her as she moaned and squealed from her room, through warm, choking tears and regret, "I'll be nice...I'll be nice Daddy. I'll be nice." It's pretty easy to tell when she means it, and she meant it. A few weeks ago she found herself in trouble with Grandad and so sat alone and tearful, obviously upset that she had earned his scorn. At this stage it doesn't take much to shatter this little girl.

Thank God 'cause those eyes are killers.


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