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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zoey's new affinity for emphasis...

Good morning Zed

We noticed yesterday that Zoey had adopted a new disconcerting way of eagerly expressing emphasis. I just now heard her say...

"I SO need that Mummy. I just need to put goo on that thing."

She is sitting at the kitchen table putting stickers onto construction paper while her Mom cuts apples. She's adding glue to the back of the stickers, you know, in case they aren't quite sticky enough, and she is very emphatic about her need to do this.

She is SO into it. She's been using the overemphasis + SO combo for no more than 24 hours now and we're wondering who replaced our daughter with this inflection machine.

WTH did she learn that? She's talking like a fifteen year old cheerleader from Riverside, which is fine, I suppose, as long as she's 22 months old and talking about stickers and cookies and Strawberry Shortcake dolls etc...

Who taught her to talk like that? It SO wasn't Grandma or Baachan. It wasn't me. June doesn't talk like that. It's like she was watching old episodes of Square Pegs or somethin'...It frightens me. It's SO 1983. It's like Cameron Crowe is filming an 80's high school comedy in our kitchen.


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