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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Under the table and dreaming...

Zedder finds the strangest spots to hang out. She likes the arm rest on the couch, and she's growing more and more eager to crawl across the back cushions of that same piece of furniture. She likes to stand on a chair and help out at the kitchen counter, and she loves few things more than crawling into Grandma's or Mom and Dad's beds and tucking herself in, but I think my favorite so far has been her affinity for finding herself a comfy spot under the kitchen table.

She likes it under there. Who wouldn't, you know, aside from the fact that it's probably what might be typically the filthiest place in the house. Debu likes it under there too, the surest attraction for Zed's ever expanding curiosity, but she heads under that wooden shelter even when her feline friend isn't there. She just likes to hang out under there, and I suppose I can't blame her.

We don't try to figure her out too often. She's a smart girl and usually, even at this stage, makes pretty good choices. Her imagination is ridiculously well drawn out, and she's never once been obsessive about a single thing, or impossible to distract, or difficult to re-direct. She's fine under that table and dreaming, and we're fine watching her do it. Everyone needs a safe place to dream, and if hers is right there at our feet for now, that's fine by us. It reminds us to sweep under there a little more frequently. Don't want Zo's dreams to be dragging cat hair and crumbs around with them, do we? No, dreams are usually a messy enough matter as it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! Avery

December 22, 2010 at 11:19 AM  

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