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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two years goes by awfully fast...


Two years ago, at nearly this exact time of year, we were fast approaching June's due date and neither one of us had any idea what was almost upon us. Everything we knew or had come to understand about life was about to flip sideways and then somersault three or four times as we struggled to spot one another. Two the blink of an eye. No one told us that it would move this fast.

No one told us anything of any value. The whole parenting experience was so absolutely unique. We really have no answers that would explain what we have now. After 22 months we have a beautiful, intelligent, audacious little girl. She's the happiest kid I've ever seen. She wakes up smiling. She listens. She has manners...incredible manners. She's is curious and caring, and she travels like a National Geographic photographer. She is healthy. She is eager to show affection, and easy to figure out. She makes us look good.

Two years ago...I don't know how we managed to make a little person this perfect.


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