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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seven Sleeps 'Til Christmas...


There's only seven more sleeps until Christmas morning, obviously only six until Christmas Eve when the whole thing really kicks off in my books. We've been working hard to get Zo prepped and now she's pretty much got Santa down pat. She gets the whole flying reindeer thing, and she's starting to clue in that Christmas is just about the best thing ever. She hugs her Christmas tree, and freaks out over Christmas lights. She is regularly pulling gifts out from under the tree and handing them out to whoever is available..."Here, you open this one," she'll say. Yeah, no worries about this kid latching on to the concept.


We read alot...about Santa, and about Christmas, and she asks a lot of questions, as Zoey tends to do. She's awfully curious about this whole thing, but she doesn't fight the excitement. Who care why we do this, let's just do it! The why is for a much later conversation which we're already thinking might be more difficult to get around than that whole birds and bees thing. Regardless, for now it's about bright, twinkling lights and pretty paper, and jingle bells. Right now it's about fat, white haired magic old men in red suits, and it's about being so friggin' excited that you'll hug a tree. That stuff's easier to explain.


All she knows at this amazing moment is that someone is going to give her presents if she's good, and that everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, looks like they might love each other a little more at this time of year. That's terribly exciting to a two year old. If only everyone else could see things the way that she sees it we'd be good for the rest of eternity. She's doing a darn good job of helping us see the world through twinkle light lenses, and it's never looked better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is like the cutest kid everr!!!!!xD AVERY

December 18, 2010 at 10:40 PM  

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