Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our new life...

Photo 60

How we live is ridiculous...We don't want for things. We don't think about what we do or how we do it. We cruise. It's time to make some changes. We want to be more financially responsible. We want to save. We want to invest in the future and pay off the past. We want to feel good about the way in which we manage our lives...proud. Right now we feel fortunate...capable and responsible might feel better. Kinda like how you always feel better when you clean your house, or rake up all the leaves. We have high hopes of getting in shape, period.

We're going to be a family and keep things simple. We're going to enjoy the place that we're in. We're going to hunker down and accomplish things. We're going to find the people under all these layers of luck and lackadaisical living. There will be more photography, more artwork, more writing, more visiting friends and family, more reading, more exercising, more local adventuring, more of an investment in us, in the most simplistic ways. I'll stop buying books and start going to the, stealin' all of it from now on...clothes, got, can be nourishing ourselves more consciously and better...there's a lot of things that we can change.

Tigers Opening Day...maybe, season tickets, ahhh, nope...big concerts, few, if any at all...there are plenty of small cheapola shows to and lunch out every day, waste of money...etc...surprising etc...

We want to start living deliberately, and so we will. We have a feeling that we're going to like the people that it makes us become. In the end, that's all we're really looking for. We want to be something a little more impressive that what we are right now. We're so excited that it's hard to sleep.


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