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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Merry Post-Christmas Thingy

Netta is home from Vancouver.

Ian is home from Baffin-friggin'-Island (or what feels like it).

It's Christmas again.

The furthest reaches of the Partridge empire are drawn tight again today as everyone gathers on the frozen shore of Running Creek for a genuine, traditional, old time post-Christmas thingy. Naturally, the stockings are all hung from the stair bannister with care.

With only today and tomorrow left in 2010 we'll be busy exchanging gifts five days later than the calendar tells us too (bossy calendar, we'll open gifts when we choose to), thinking of a way to ring in the New Year without going broke, getting smashed, or driving any great distances, and we just might relax a little. Zedder will have absolutely no concept why Santa has come and blessed her twice (was she really that good?), and she'll surely lose track of nap and bed times as the rest of us already have.

It's a whirlwind visit with everyone as Netta will be in town for approximately 24 hours...Ian has a whopping 48 hours to throw into the holiday soup, and before you can say Dick $%#&ing Clark it'll be 2011.

Happy Merry Post-Christmas Thingy!


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