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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Back-on-Dry-Land Birthday Avery.

Zo Xmas w kids 8
Avery and Zoey celebrating Zo's first birthday - Jan'10

Zoey's third or fourth biggest fan, her cousin Avery, is suddenly twelve years old. Well, yesterday she turned twelve years old. She was enjoying her birthday somewhere not very far from the Gulf of Mexico after woozling and stumbled through twelve foot Gulf waves on a cruise last week. Curious cosmic connection that the waves were the approximate same height as her age, but I digress...

Happy Birthday beautiful young lady. You are twelve now and officially of so-called recommended babysitting age. You're hired. No interview. No resume. No references. We love you, that's good enough. Zoey kinda thinks you're alright too.

Next year you'll be a teenager and won't have time for any of us, so I guess we'd better soak you up now before that tragedy happens (which I really don't believe for a second ever will).

Happy yesterday, and post-birthday days, and every other day for the rest of your life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! And I kinda like u guys too! And don't worry next year I will still hang out with you guys! And I would be happy to start babysitting! <3 Avery

December 30, 2010 at 6:29 PM  

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