The Zoey Blog: Day 2 of Snowmageddon. Rated PG for pretty great. FINAL - COVER UNIVERSE EXPLORERS ORDER

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 2 of Snowmageddon. Rated PG for pretty great.

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While I sit here staring out at the Snowmageddon happening right outside our front door, and pondering why the new Big Ten logo looks so stupid beside the new Pac 10 logo, why Cliff Lee had to go and sign with Philly surely making baseball conversations with my friend, Colin, unbearable this year, it struck me that I have never had two snow days, back to back, in my entire life...not once. That seems crazy. I live in Canada. I should be an expert on multiple, consecutive snow day adventures...I'm not.

A State of Emergency has been declared for our area. More than 350 motorists are stranded on the freeway, National Defense helicopters are assisting rescue efforts and everything East-West leaving our fair city has been closed to traffic. We're ruined, and it's interesting here on the edge of the Arctic Sea. We've been pummeled by wind and the spray from crashing waves for nearly a full 48 hours now. It feels like we've chosen to live on a rock overlooking the Bering Straight. Ridiculous. Nice little break from the everyday though.

My office and school is closed tight, so I get another Zed Day. Look out indifferent world, Daddy and Daughter are about to mix it up for the second consecutive day without the need for goodbye kisses and quiet, but oh-so cute "Have a good day," missives from a little, waving Zedder. Her head's gonna explode when she finds out that I'm not going anywhere.

Grandma is likely wishing she had more to do, and June is locked away in a trunk doing work from home. It's Daddy who's reaping all the benefits of this snowy tragedy outside our front door. Somewhere someone is trapped in a car while I'm watching Madagascar for the fifteenth time...and so is the great perplexity of life.

Who wants hot chocolate?


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