Friday, December 24, 2010

Almost Christmas...


Christmas Eve morning, 7:30am to be exact, and already the day's booked solid. It's just me and Zed today. June has to work. So it's eat, dress, go...we've got stuff to do.

Zed was SO excited last night that she couldn't sleep. Mom tried to put her down for no less than an hour. Didn't Dad slipped in and pitched the last few innings of relief, and nearly died from exposure to whispered, muted cuteness.

"'Morrow is Christmas Daddy"...Well, almost's almost Christmas. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

"We need milk and cookies for Santa"...Yup, we have to buy some more milk, and get our hands on some cookies too.

"We'll buy Mumma a present...Sure, that's already taken care of, but what's one more Zed approved purchase. Okay.

"Buy jingle bells for our Christmas tree too...Uhmm, alright. I don't know where to buy "jingle bells" but we'll try.

"And presents for Baachan" ...Okay, Mom's been pretty busy. I think we probably should. And Grandad too?

"No, Grandad doesn't need any presents" ...What? Of course Grandad needs presents.

"No. Grandad doesn't need presents." ...Why not?

No answer, but you can hear the wheels in her little Christmas drenched noggin' turning. She's silent for what feels like a long time.

"Grandad needs a Christmas tree" ...I think he's already got a tree, Zo. Didn't you help him decorate it?

"Okay, we'll buy presents for me" ...Wait a minute, what about Grandad?

"Ohhhh, I'm just kidding"...Huh?

It was about that time that she fell asleep smiling. I was wide awake doing the same. This kid knocks me over.

Today is going to be busy day. We've got some last minute things to take care of...stocking this and thats...some groceries...gotta make sure that Zoey's assertion about Grandad's Christmas isn't true...lot's of stuff. I'm also keeping in mind how we can strategically miss the play area at the mall. That's important.

How come every year I seek to make Christmas Eve as hassle free as possible and it never quite works out that way? I'd better get on my feet and get busy attacking the day. My guess is that a nap for Zo will be a hard thing to find today, and that sleep tonight will be ten times as illusive. No's Daddy and daughter today. Look out busy, ambivalent world. We're stepping out with a purpose today. We need cookies and jingle bells, and somehow I've got to convince Zoey that her Grandad really does deserve a present.


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