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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fun avec links and bad behaviour...

It's 5:30 am on Friday morning and I'm wide awake. Not exactly one of my fave things but I sure do like to live link....

This looks like the third or fourth best bit of fun since sleepovers were invented.

I want one.

Someday this will be my friend Anne's house...and I will visit her often, and take things without asking.

I wanna be friends with these people.

I've decided that my undercover name is Bobby Awesome and I am from Harlem...yeah, wrap your head around that uncomfortably inquisitive stranger I meet at a party. Bobby lives herebut if he ever loses everything he'll live here, in this rock bottom palace. Yeah, I'm pretty interesting, well, Bobby is.

This is my newest, most frustrating sentiment.

I just found myself with a spontaneous crush on the look on this girl's face...oddly crushing less on the girl and way more on that goober awesome look she's got. I bet she's a nice girl who really digs that dude but has never told him. That's what I bet.

I'm giving myself permission to say out loud that I hate Feist...I do...and I know that you don't, and that's why we can't be friends anymore. Sorry. Probably my loss.


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