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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soothing the Savage Beast...

Tonight I was upset...I was off balance, staggered by a few punches and reeling pretty good and then Zoey snuggled up onto my lap and we watched old Disney clips on YouTube. She smiled a lot and soon enough I started smiling and then it struck me just how fortunate I am.

Then for added emphasis I got to thinking about Louis and Toby and my friends in LA and I got a little more perspective. Sure, it's cold outside, and sure today's $3000 financial hit hurt, and yeah, Brooklyn at Christmas is probably now impossible, but it's warm inside, and we've got books and blankets, and we've got, as the video suggested, the Bare Necessities...we've got that in spades.

Life's pretty good...even if I don't have any money left in my bank account...even if I don't know if I have a job six months from now...even if we don't know where we're living six months from now...even though there are a lot of questions without answers. We've got each other and each other is pretty awesome.


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