Sunday, November 14, 2010

Second Christmas...

rockefeller tree

If luck holds we'll be back in Brooklyn post-Christmas...from about the 26th or 27th until January 7th or 8th...and we're drowning in the excitement. We're going to have a second Christmas in our old apartment, and my head might explode at the very thought of it. We're going to have a tree. There's going to be stockings. We're going to have Christmas dinner. We're going to forget whatever happened just a few short days earlier and do it all over again, only with the cars and pedestrians of Clinton Street slipping past the snowy front steps. We're going to skate in the park, and we're going to waste money up on Fifth Ave. We're going to hang out with Mel and Jeff. We're going to track down Betsy and fam. We're going to do our best to keep Zoey from licking every hand rail on the F Train.

My friend Mia, moved from Honolulu to Brooklyn back in September and she's been patiently waiting to etch more artwork into my skin...all Brian designed and then Graffamified. I'm as giggly as a stupid little kid. So now I've got just six or so short weeks to come up with some work that I want Mia to make amazing. With a little more luck I'll be able to drag some company there with me. So far the rough artwork looks a little like this...just for starters. It's a little something that will fit on the back of my right arm, linking in with the branches of the cherry tree that Mia inked on me almost two years ago. It will be nothing bold and bewildering, but something that adds some finishing flare to what already makes me smile a lot, and I'm excited that it will be Mia doing the work...super excited.

Merry Second Christmas to me! What are you doing on December 29th? I'm chillin' with Kris Kringle over in Carroll Gardens, that's what I'm doin'.

We'll buy simple, little gifts in the city. We'll take someone's apartment sized Christmas tree off of their hands. We'll buy wine, and drink wine. We'll watch college football bowl games on television. We'll wander around the city, and explore more of Brooklyn now that we're a whole lot more familiar with it. We'll do something for New Years. We'll sneak off to MSG to see Georgetown and St. John's. We'll host a few friends. We'll re-charge before we wander back into the last six months of living on the beach and waiting for our lives to change...again.

Oh..hurry Christmas, hurry fast...


Blogger Elizabeth said...

We're in town, and we're gonna see Nayla too! Yippee!! More fun with the DeWagners!

November 18, 2010 at 10:31 PM  
Blogger Brian DeWagner said...

I think the plan is as good as scrapped now...just had a $3000 garage bill...still inda scraping myself up off of the floor.

November 18, 2010 at 11:16 PM  

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