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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Girl and Her Cat...

We're ready to give Debu up for adoption. He's been awful lately. Maybe it's jealousy. Maybe he's just getting old and crotchety. Whatever his problem is he's being a jerk about 60% of the time. The problem is Zoey loves him sooooooooo much. She's the governor writing a reprieve for this feline inmate. It's a good thing he's got her on his side or he'd be wintering in a stranger's barn...which is strictly a hollow threat because we could never destroy her like that.

Debu...get your act together or there will not be a contract extension. You'd better have Scott Boras for an agent if you hope to get through 2011 without your career as our pet looking an awful lot like Dontrelle Willis' as a ball player. Right now we'd take a minor league arm and three buckets of Double Bubble in exchange for the purring and panting former all star.


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