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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just so you know...

Post-bath brushing

This blog "is simply an effort to use words in such a way that they will tell as much as I want to and can make them tell of a thing which happened and which, of course, you have no other way of knowing. It is in some degree worth your knowing what you can of not because you have any interest in me but simply as the small part it is of human experience in general. It is one way of telling the truth: the only possible way of telling the kind of truth I am here most interested to tell." James Agee said tha and although I wholeheartedly agree with him I don't really know what the hell he's talking about.

All I really know is that the LA Kings are just about the best team in hockey...and I'm pretty sure I just got adopted by a young funster straight outta "tha projects" yesterday because he was desperately looking to adopt himself a big brother no matter what and I guess I talked the best game about basketball and how parents can suck that he'd ever heard...I have less money than I think I daughter thinks I'm a gift bearing hilarity machine but she won't come to me when she's hurt...I have new flannel lined pants...I want more books even though I haven't read all of the others...Sometimes I draw too much, sometimes not enough...I can't eat enough popcorn lately...Zoey is infatuated with dinosaurs ever since her first trip to the library, now she plays with them alongside her Strawberry Shortcake Happy Meal toys...I always get up later than I intended...I've decided that indifference is a masterful skill...I like reading daughter will someday rip my guts wife is just as tired as I am...I get giggly and ridiculously happy and fist pumping excited at the most completely random and unexplained times of the day (like last night at 10pm???)...I'm excited for Christmas...I have no excuse for owning so many sports beer just about does it for me these days...going to bed early just never seems to be a realistic option...and I seem to be getting more and more rebellious the older I get.

All that AND this blog and this daughter and this wife and life make me smile.

A lot.


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