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Friday, November 26, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Xmas lights

The Zedder is starting to kinda sorta get this Christmas stuff. She knows who Santa is, and just last night she had to get a gander in at our neighbors Christmas lights before she slipped off to bed. I believe the actual conversation went something like this...

"I want to see the lights."

"Okay, come here and I'll lift you up to the window."

"Whoa. I like those Christmas lights Daddy. I like that tree. Goodnight tree. Bring me lots of presents."

So, like I said, kinda sorta. She's not entirely sure how it all works. We still need to root through the basics, I guess. Yep Zed, there's a tree, and yep, it'll be all sparkling and bright. Yes, there's going to be presents around that tree, and most of them are for Zed, but we gotta get it in her head that the tree isn't the great benefactor in all of this. Santa clause isn't just a parenthesis in the Christmas equation. I suppose it all needs a little more work. For now I'm just happy that she's not sticking post-it notes all through the Sears Wish Book like her cousin Reece.


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