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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's all about me...


Tonight Daddy ranked high on Zed's list of cool people worth wasting her valuable time on...and it felt better than April sunshine. I had to sit beside her at dinner...She needed to sit with me while we read...Daddy was required to lay in bed with her while she fell asleep...and then was paged again later when she woke up, a little cold and eager for some warm milk...and then it was Daddy who she wanted to sing songs with, and rub noses with, and feel his face while identifying his features in Japanese, in the dark...

Yup...tonight was Daddy's night, and when those night's roll around all I can think about is how few of them I get before she's all grown up, or before I'm gone, and it breaks my heart in half.

"G'night Daddy. Go to bed. I love you. Go to sleep. I'll see you in the morning. One hug...and a kiss. G'night Daddy. Okay, you go to bed too. I love you."

The happiest heartbreaking awesomeness known to man, and she's sleeping soundly in the other room, not fifteen feet away.


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