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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I see skies of blue...


Don't be surprised if we one day just up and move to Byron Bay, Australia...especially after visiting this blog. It's dreamy pics and super friendly posts made waking up a pleasure. I want a community like that. I think that's why we slip off to San Clemente so frequently. It feels a little like that, although I'm sure Australians do it about ten times better.

It's that strong sense of community and individuality that we're seeking. You know, that balance. Hawaii felt like that...Wednesday nights at the Zoo concerts with Waikiki locals, First Fridays in Chinatown...Sundays at the beach with family...but then everyone was unique...everyone was as individual as you could imagine...artists, musicians, surfers, freaks, families...that's the stuff that makes us grin.

If anyone is stucj for a Christmas gift for Australian work visa would be nice.


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