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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...approx. one mile west of us

Lions dude

We grew up in the shadow of Detroit, with only a river to separate us from friends and family that called another country home. So we eat turkey, and watch the Lions lose, and shop like fools from this day forward etc...I wish it were a bigger deal on this side of that river, but we'll take what we can get.

So with a little blonde girl all bathed and ready for the usual stories and then bed... and with every amazing American friend of ours stuffed full of food and quite possibly sick of their extended family already, we'd like to wish them all the most sincere and affectionate Thanksgiving ever.

We love you, even if you don't have universal health care, or as many Winter Olympic Gold Medals as we're still cool...we still appreciate your awesomeness. It's not like we're all that perfect...have you ever watched the Grey Cup? Familiar with the work of Loverboy? We're not so hot either...we worked all day today, and will again tomorrow. Of course, we do have the Boxing Day holiday, and we're not at war. I guess we did give the world Justin Bieber though, didn't we? Yeah, sorry about that.

Happy Thanksgiving (and birthday too Simon Bergquist).


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