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Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want...and Sometimes You Can


Check out Mick's killer style from this photo pinched directly from The Lost Rolling Stones Photographs book. I love it...can't get enough of it actually. Striped rugby shirt...loafers...and those aren't pants, those are slacks. Amazing! Scott Weiland never looked that awesome.

I don't know why I posted that, other than the fact that it makes me feels good. You know what else makes me feel good? Tegan and Sara...Nanami Cowdroy...UCLA's powder blue and gold...late night coffee and peanut butter nice my co-worker Nikki friend Joe's awful mustache...Jake baseball design coffee mug...thinking about tattoos I'll never wispy Zoey's blonde hair is right now...the library...the NY Rangers new third jersey...Van Morrison, Live in San Francisco...starting over from scratch...believing in who you are and what you do...the way that leather my Uncle Larry can make me laugh out loud...fitted baseball Zoey touches my computer screen expecting it to work like June's iPhone...quiet times...the idea of bright, sincere, kind people...the plaid flannel shirt I bought in Carlsbad, Ca...Rainbow talk in November...Derek Fisher...using bean bag chairs for footstools...the illustrations in kids my friend Randy is excited to stick is head into my office to talk for just a minute...hope...Jiminy Cricket...the squeak of basketball sneakers on hardwood...the memory of shaking hands with Kareem Abdul Jabbar (the thought of which can make my eyes water and give me goosebumps)...

This morning I promised Zoey that we'd go to the library when I got tonight and so we did...I was more than a little distracted, but keeping my promise to her regardless of how my day fell apart and how I felt lifted me up pretty high. It made me wonder how anyone ever finds any kind of comfort in disappointing someone? Especially their own child. All Zoey knows of my day today is that I told her that we would hang out together at one of our favorite places, and we did. Today I was Zoey's Kareem Abdul Jabbar and there's not much that feels better than that...maybe nothing.

Okay...maybe this apartment in Seattle, but nothing else. Okay, maybe this too but that's definitely it.


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