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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zooey Sakura DeWagner, it seems.


Zoey wants one of these for Christmas. We're considering it but with a move coming in the early summer, and no one particularly interested in cleaning out this guy's litter box, it seems, well, unlikely. We may, however, invest in some of Sharon Montrose's animal prints and hope that appeases Zoey's desperate need to own an actual man-eater. The prints would look much nicer in our home than the mangled, half-eaten corpses of everyone who ever visits.

She'd also be much more than happy if someone scooped her up this baby giraffe, but we're trying our best to suppress even that. We just don't have the space.


Madagascar is a poular film at our house, and the zoo is a favorite place and by being good, occasionally indulgent parents we've created a twenty month old zookeeper.

From now on we'll be spelling her name Zooey Sakura DeWagner. It's only fitting.


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