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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The slowest of Sundays just ain't slow enough...

There's something about Sunday nights (and it isn't Monday mornings) that makes me want them to last forever. I usually dump a coffee into me head later than I should, and I always want more, which would, of course, be a ridiculous idea with the potential for awful sleep looming in it's wake. I want to watch more TV, write more, sketch, hang out...anything. I just don't want Sunday's to end.

I want to download music and design blog headers and tattoos that I'll never get, and I want to wear out my iTunes each and ever Sunday. Which reminds me that Quadron just might be my newest musical obsession. They're coming with me to California this week and we're gonna get to know each other super tight under that seventy degree sun. It might be all that I listen to. I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive that way.

Three more sleeps until I jump on an airplane headed for the West Coast sans wife and child and I told June tonight that I was pretty certain that I was going to miss her and Zo beyond comprehension. Just one more reason I'd like Sunday to last a little longer, I guess.


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