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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Stuff, including free nonsense

It's Sunday morning. I want this. I'd also like to be waking up on some Outer Sunset beach in Frisco working through a hang over from last night's World Series hysteria, but I'm not. I can't really roll like that anymore, although I could try.

On this somewhat dreary Sunday morning beside a somewhat dreary looking lake in a too typically dreary Autumn Ontario I will simply relax and allow my mind to wander to those places that aren't quite as dreary. It's random links favorite...

I want this hat, and the lifestyle that goes with it.

This looks like a totally fun Sunday.

I'm going to buy one of these when I'm in LA, ride it all around, and then ship it home, 'cause it's awesome and practically cheapie free.

I want to go to Coachella...bad. Maybe 2011? Who's free in April?

I'll take a pair of these for that grown up look a guy needs despite his occasional sophomoric behaviour.

August, Robin and Coco did a version of MJ's Baby Be Mine for a show with Gaardbodans and it kills the original...kills it. The video made by Jenna Mangulad is a smiler too. I need to own this awesomeness.

Check out these Christopher St. Leger watercolor prints. Need one...probably this one, but maybe this one.

Scratch that earlier order...these please.

Great video about East LA bike culture that left me wanting to know more. Check out Trevelen's photos too. This is a heavy dude. I wanna meet this guy.

That's I need coffee, sunshine and a lawn mower...not necessarily in that order.


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