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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Random observation...

I just saw an old man who looks as though he walked out of a downtown Los Angeles coffee shop circa 1947...ancient oxfords pining for a shine... rumpled, well worn suit, but trim...very trim, short tie, fedora under his arm, pocket square/handkerchief if the need arises, but a pocket square for now.

I bet he's dressed this way every day since William Lyon Mackenzie King was Prime Minister...My of his generation looked better at a ball game than I do at weddings. They went camping with more style than we can muster for almost anything. Our entire generation and all that follow have the dignity of Jose Canseco, or dirty monkeys, whichever. we even know what that means anymore? He's an old man in an old suit...a really old suit, but still...I don't even own a suit. I want a time machine.

I like who I am though...hmmm, take this cool lookin' old guy, and with it my muted respect. If I had a cap, I'd tip it.


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