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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Missing Uncle Ian and Meredisss...

Piggies and wet feet

Zoey talks fairly incessantly about Uncle Ian and Meredissss...I think she got smitten, what with Ian and that White Sox fan staying at our house for a few days. There was lots of connection time, and of course Zedder's first campfire she got to chill with Meredith on the beach and that's the guaranteed way into her heart. Sandcastles and sunshine...she's not a complicated girl.

By now Uncle Ian is back in Red Lake...or close to it. It might as well be Texas, its so far away, and Meredith is back in Chicago. The good news is that we'll most likely see her in early November when we slip off to Chi for the Further Festival shows at the UIC Pavilion...but Ian...we wont see that bugger 'til Christmas, if then. At least now we've got Meredith for bait.


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