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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I thought it never rained in Southern California?

It never does this...

This getting up at 5 am stuff has got to stop. If I'm not on the freeway by 6 am to make what should be a simple hour long drive North, then I won't make it there by 8 am. Yeah, LA traffic is that knackered. I'm squished between Compton and East LA all day so the absence of sunshine this morning is super palpable, almost to the point where you can feel bummed. These are heavy neighborhoods, and they don't get lighter feeling in the rain. At least the street corners will be empty.

I'm missing June and Zoey a lot, and although I technically leave today, I won't be home for nearly 24 hours. That means a long day, a long wait for a late plane and a long flight home. The cool news is that the Santa Ana winds are blowing and that means a South Easterly push. Maybe we'll get home faster?

I love it out here but the people that I love are back home, and the day can't go by quickly enough. I feel energized, and full of ideas and new priorities, etc...It's been good, but I also feel desperate to see the girls and just hang out in a little town where you recognize half the people knocking at your door, despite the costumes. I'm excited to see Zoey all dressed up, and curious as to what she'll choose. She's got two options. None, as ridiculously cute as this, and certainly not this, but we'll try. Zed will have the ultimate say in the matter regardless of Mom or Dad's input (or sick sense of humor). I just want to get home and see it all unfold.

I've got all day to pine for that.

Time to get get busy. There are serious things to discuss and I haven't the mischievous streak that I did yesterday...or wait, maybe that's it I feel coming on now.

Nope, just gas.


Blogger kaedejune said...

Hey... missing you too, a bunch. See you soon and safe travels! *hugs*

By the way... we're at my parents house tonight, so don't go looking for us in Sarnia tomorrow morning! See you in W'burg!

October 30, 2010 at 9:24 PM  

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