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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Post-Season and Almost Thanksgiving


I tell myself that it's okay to cheer for the Yankees 'cause they're playing the Twins, and because Curtis Granderson is a Yankee, but it's still difficult. I certainly can't muster much enthusiasm and there's still a small part of me that celebrates every time a run crosses the plate verses the Yanks, even when it's Minnesota doing the scoring. Hating the Yankees is something of a pastime all across North America. I'm so indifferent of the Yankees that even given the chance to visit Yankee Stadium I passed. Stupid, or stubborn? You decide.

It's the start of the post-season tonight and after watching Roy Halladay knock down his second no-hitter of the season and notch only the second one ever in playoff history, it makes this Yankees - Twins game kind of anticlimactic.

Of course, it's Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada...apparently we, as Canadians, are thankful for things much earlier than our American friends. It's pretty much the same old holiday as it is in the US, just without all that Plymouth Rock pilgrim crap and no Black Friday. We will also waste away our weekend in front of football games, only ours will have a weird shaped ball, a wider field and approximately 90 acres of end zone. Oh, and mandatory punts on fourth down.


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