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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ahhh hahahahahahaha...

This is my friend Mike...he's retarded. Sorry if I offended you with that word. Well, not really. I'm not really all that concerned with your fragile sensibilities. Lighten up...he's the one with the disability.


I it strange that I spend my time blogging such stupid crap, or is it fun? I'll take charming, and perhaps even cute, but I'm afraid it's just stupid. In fact, I'm quite certain that it's just stupid. I thought my mischievous urges were stymied today...looks like no. I'm supposed to be watching a power point on government agencies but since this isn't my government, and since my friend Mike is actually 3/5s retarded, I thought that I'd just take this time to update the blog with something completely irrelevant.

Serree's an awfully lucky girl. And to think that this guy is one half of two of our favorite people on planet earth. I think Zoey will go to their house every summer, you know, just to help out. It's gotta be hard taking care of a guy like that.


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