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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Zedder at 19 months...

Zed closeup

Zoey is exactly 33.5 inches tall. That's nearly three feet, just four inches short, in fact. She can wear piggies in her hair now. She has a bazillion teeth. She can count up to fourteen, and is working her way around the alphabet pretty good. She eats like a champion, and can even operate hashi (chopsticks) with some degree of awkward success. She dresses like she fell out of a catalogue at times, and she sleeps through the night, every night. She has a big girl bed, that she's only fell out of twice (and didn't wake up on either occasion), and likes to shower with Dad. She has learned not to abuse her cat, Debu, most of the time. There are still some violent lapses in judgement...occasionally. She likes taking care of her fish, Edgar Winter and Richard Milhouse Nixon, and feeds them every day...with some reminding. She's flown approximately 14, 000 miles already without an issue or incident. She likes Sesame Street. She says please and thank-you without prodding most of the time, and she only mildly abuses the term, "no." She likes broccoli. She's a good kid and I suppose we'll keep her.


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