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Sunday, September 12, 2010



Shortly after yesterdays football game the shivers started, then they morphed into cold sweats, and by 9 or 10 pm I was a mess. I hunkered down and read a tonne. I kinda lost track of time as often is the case when your whole body starts to ache and your head gets super fuzzy. I was a pitiful looking creature.

I normally manage sickness pretty good. I don't think I'm your typical Mommy's boy sick man, but I think my immune system is strong and the little stuff doesn't usually drag me down. The problem with that is when I do catch something it's usually a good one and it knocks me out hard. I tend to not come down with the three week lingering colds that most people contract. I get smacked down and am good and gone for two days, sometimes three. Sweat and shakes and violent hurls...sounds like my kind of cold.

Fortunately for me the whole house slept in today. When I stumbled out of bed to wash the awful out of my mouth, it was 9 am and everyone was still asleep. They were up with my rustling but the gift of that extra sleep was heaven sent. Of course, Zoey got out of bed smiling, she always does, and she insisted on wearing her Michigan jersey again today, still more than a little enthusiastic about whatever it was yesterday that Mommy and Daddy were so ecstatic about. All she knows is that it involved that jersey and so she was wearing it again come hell or high water.

I might be as sick as a dog today but I think I'm going to be privy to some nice little wasted Sunday gifts. The tv schedule looks perfectly suited to the frightfully sick...Zed seems to be the happiest kid alive...and it's Week 1 of the NFL...Somebody get me a puke bucket and the remote control.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feel better soon Brian!

September 12, 2010 at 1:19 PM  

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