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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday morning fever...


Zedder's got herself a fever. I'd like to say that the only prescription is more cow bell, but she gets plenty of cow bell. She's got more teeth coming in, and despite Daddy's sturdy comprehension that this is just how it goes, I hate it when Zoey gets a fever. It worries me. I'm kind of irrational that way, always have been.

It's been a cold , cold week, at least in the context of past Septembers, and now that Zed has herself a little fever, I'm fully bummed. Where is the sunshine and carefree caress of late summer and oncoming Fall? Where iare the easy attitudes that fall from the trees like leaves when school starts and the temps start to drop? All we've got is fleece weather when we should still be wearing shorts, and rain laden clouds with occasional glimpses of sunshine...AND a feverish little girl.

Full on bummer in effect. Please universe, send me something to distract me and maybe giggle a little. I'm not laying on the concrete catatonic or anything like hit and run or anything. I just need a little good game slap on the ass...metaphorically speaking. I don't need anyone actually smacking me arse...well, okay, maybe one. We all need a little ass pat once in awhile.

I hope Zoey feels better today. That kid flips me three shades of sideways when she's not right. I can deal with a jonesing meth amphetamine addict whose life is collapsing around him, but when my daughter gets sick...I'm much less than this guy who can deal with a lot. I'm fairly flimsy.


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