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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Days of Madness and Meaning...

What do you say about all of this synchronicity stuff when as soon as you start planning on wrapping up some grief counseling work you get smashed with two suicides in 18 days...that's a lot of grief to be surrounded by, and a lot of I don't knows and shrugs and quiet wait and see what happens moments. It's a lot period. I had just decided on investing in myself and in the grief/bereavement issues that I think are behind a lot of the problems that I see every day when I spend my whole day neck deep in the stuff. It was a long day...maybe one of the longest I've ever had.

So, I came home and Zoey and I went skateboarding, then exploring, and then we saved a small bird who was hurt (Daddy saved it, Zoey mostly just petted it), and then we picked a flower for Mom and then we lost it shortly thereafter...of course we were late for supper because we sat and talked, well, she talked and I mostly listened, and we played with our shadows and I generally felt like the luckiest guy I know...which was kinda just what I needed after feeling like a pretty sad case all day.

Two kids in eighteen days...I think I'll remember today for a long, long time. Now I'm going to go watch Manamenah with an excited little girl.


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