The Zoey Blog: Go midwife yourself... FINAL - COVER UNIVERSE EXPLORERS ORDER

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Go midwife yourself...


This is Val. Val is cool. Val is preggers. Val was our she's our friend. We like Val, even if Zoey doesn't.

We're just kidding, Zoey likes her just fine, although we do believe that Zo might be harboring some sort of residual Q-Tip up the bum hard feelings from a run in with Val in her infancy...Zoey's bum and infancy, not Vals.

Val's fella there is Jay. He's cool too. They're engaged. In between photos he sipped on both the beer I gave him (liquor up those that the focus finds I always say) and the rye and Coke our friend, Stu, gave him. Yeah, he's alright, I think. Takes a good picture with a few drinks down the hatch I might add.

We would like it if the universe laid heaping amounts of good fortune on them. I know that the universe knows what it's doing but I'm just reminding it, that's all.

Nice picture huh? Cool people = nice photos. Even a fool like me can do that math.


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