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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All you need to do is dream...


I just bought the Avett Brothers, I and Love and You, because I'd only had the album pieced together in stolen tracks and both the work, the band, and I deserved better. Now I'm going to nap with "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise," and try not to get a sunburn.

While I do that, you should consider what you're doing with your life and then tempt fate with these other options...there's a bit of a theme today, I think.

How 'bout a classic car rally with dirtbags and half assed classics zooming around Northern California, from flea-bitten motel to dive bar, 'round a bend or two and then back again?

Why not build your own kit car? My friend Nick did, and it's a beaut.

And if you can't afford that then maybe you can just start hanging out at the track and maybe cop some old Jimmy Dean style, or maybe rob Steve McQueen of some old mojo and see what happens bet is people start thinking that you're way cooler than you are, and what's wrong with that? Nuthin' that's what.

If all else fails you can take part of this beauty afternoon and just daydream about cruising Big Sur...that's never a waste of anyone's time.

This has nothing to do with Zoey but I felt like typing so there you have it.


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