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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

I've just now decided that there aren't nearly enough post titles in this blog that reflect Grateful Dead song titles or lyrics...not nearly enough, and so here we are abusing the most annoyingly misused one of them all. It has been a long strange trip though, and so there's no shame in it...or very little, anyway.

Back from Brooklyn with a toddler's fever worries subsided, a busy drive back managed, a wedding enjoyed, a lacrosse tournament survived, and a move into June's parents house until it's time to return to the beach's been a busy week or so. Apologies for the blog free week and our seeming indifference to this monster of a Zoey Blog, but plugging into the wonder of the world wide interweb thingy wasn't a priority or option in some cases, and life is just now starting to resemble something familiar.

There are pictures to post, stories to tell, and interesting this and thats to get to but for now we'll keep it simple. It's good to be home, and a bit of an ordeal all at the same time. Our attempts at life as your average Canadian family certainly makes for interesting discussions, and could probably be called a lot of things other than average, but we do our best to stay true to ourselves and balance what the world expects of us, and we try to do it so that we have something to wonder at later. We're doing alright so far.

So...a month in Brooklyn done, back to beaches and BBQs soon enough...and then what? In the meantime, hang tight, we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming in a jif (I have no idea what that means).


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