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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunny days...starry nights...home.

My backyard

We're getting awfully good at this move in and out of other people's homes thing...really good. We were packed and moved in about ten seconds on Sunday...back to the beach and back to everything familiar, only now it looks a little different. I didn't realize that Brooklyn had affected me as much as it had but we're seeing the world a little differently now.

After a few hours of sweat and IKEA frustration we were moved back in and Zoey had her big girl bed set up. Yup, a big girl bed...she was enamored of Simon's in Brooklyn and fell asleep about a hundred times easier so...BAM...big girls bed. It only took three or four pints of Daddy's sweat to put it together but I guess that's what you do...

Home sweet home...we swam, we played on the beach (for some reason Zedder is unafraid of wandering into the water now, even as tiny little swells drenched her from knees to hips, alternately, she just giggled and looked for rocks with Daddy). New York has made her a very big girl, and now her usual stomping grounds will witness the changes. They're nothing short of significant, and friends and neighbors might be a little surprised by this newest of audacious little girls. This is her home now, and her beach, and her yard, and etc...hilarious etc...Grandma's going to have a hard time keeping up.

It feels good to be home...home home, not just back in Canada, and not just hanging out in our old hometown haunts, but rather home, that place we've come to be most like ourselves, that place that make Zoey smile so wide...and she did, boy did she ever, the very minute we got out of the car. For her, this is home.

starry night

After a hectic evening of getting things in good enough order to settle in for the night, and after Zo bathed and shipped off to her new room, June and I slipped outside and weighed down the hammock, unloading a month and a half's worth of the shouldered burden that being gone can usually be. We laughed, and talked about what's next. We teased one another and marvelled at a sky that most people don't get to enjoy as frequently or as easily as we do. Then it struck us that this was the very same sky as anywhere else in the world, sure, arranged a little differntly, but the same great expanse of awesomeness, and we snuck back into the house and fell asleep dreaming of places we've never been.


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