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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ignorance isn't anywhere near bliss usually...

So I didn't even know that this existed but now I have a perfectly good reason to waste an entire Saturday morning catching up on someone else's blog.

Our friend Mel...who was really just June's friend Mel, but who I'm co-opting now because...

a) We've met and actually spent some fun time together
b) Both her and her husband are seriously two of the most genuinely nice people I've ever met and if we were fortunate enough to live in Brooklyn full-time they'd surely be our best of friends ever on the planet.
c) Mel's just flat out cool

...anyway...our friend Mel has her own family blog that I was oh-so ignorantly unaware of no less than five minutes ago, and I'm very excited to read it Why? Well, mostly because of those earlier reasons, the time spent, great couple of people, cool girl junk, and because from what I gathered after about three minutes in her company, she's wicked smart, and has some serious perspective that I would imagine doesn't always get set out on the display rack right at the front of the store...Mom's don't typically enjoy that premium space. So, I'm going to bank on a Saturday morning that looks like this...

Wake up just as the sun does...splash water on my face, put on some clothes and kicks and sneak out the door, grab a quick sip or six of coffee, and head straight to the skateboard park before any one of the funsters that typically use it are even thinking about waking. Skate around like I was twelve (make sure I've got my health card in tow), and then get out of there before parents start to wake and wonder who the grown up dude in the park one wants to be considered creepy especially when all you're doing is having some honest-to-goodness fun and dirtying up your much too infrequently used skateboard. There's absolutely no scene in which a thirty-plus year old man would not be scorned riding around in a skatepark when it is full of funsters, so I don't. This ain't California boyo...thirteen year old skaters are considered delinquints...I'd be tried as a full on adult.

Anyway, then I'll bail when I start to weeze or bleed, grab another coffee for the road, and one for the Junetankerous girl I'll gently wake up when I get back home, then I'll settle in to read Mel's blog, maybe b-log a little myself...probably sketch and doodle and cut and paste and work on a new Zoey Blog header, and surely that illusive left arm tattoo filler...and soon after all of that...IF all of that goes off without a hitch, Zedder will rise and we'll get busy with whatever the day will hold...which is hopefully a nap later on.

How did I not know that Mel had a blog? I suck as a friend so it's doubtful if anyone ever makes a list like the one above about me...Gonna be tough to save it for tomorrow. I had to force myself not to read even the first post but the force is not strong in this one and I suppose I'll break down and read it all before I get finagle the time to really soak it up. Some people you just want to hear what they say, and not just nod your way through the conversation...this is one of those people, except you know, it's reading and not listening or even nodding for that matter and so the analogy is kinda weak. I think I'll stop typing now.


Blogger kaedejune said...

Wow... I suck too. How did I not know about the Cowger blog??

August 21, 2010 at 12:29 AM  

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