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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grandad and Baachan are home!!!!

Partridges - West Coast
Grandad, Netta, and Baachan representing the Partridge brand on the West Coast

Grandad and Baachan made it home from visiting Aunt Netta in British Columbia today, and they made it a point to stop and see Zo on their way through. From all reports they had a stellar time, from the fresh Vancouver seafood to the float plane ride that dropped them off to a steak dinner with their son as both the pilot and maitre'd. Sounds like another trip of a lifetime as the Partridge partners in crime often undertake...a few ago they drove from Southwestern Ontario to Mexico, and now have made if back safe and sound from a round trip Sunday drive to Vancouver and back...just a milk run for Gerry and Mihoko.

They've been back home a whole afternoon and they've already staked a claim on Zoey for this Friday night! It's good to know that they're still young enough that a 6,000 mile drive doesn't damper their desire to abscond with their granddaughter.

Welcome home you guys...we can offer you neither fresh uni or float plane rides to classy dinners, but we do have your granddaughter and that makes us terribly popular.


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