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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Get Havin' Fun or Get Gettin' Gone...

My new mantra is have fun or else, and I'm gonna bust myself up accomplishing it. Life's too frikkin' short for hassles, sure they're gonna come, but shirk 'em off and keep on truckin' I say...don't sweat the small, well, don't sweat anything really, big stuff, small stuff, whatever. Worry is really just a useless emotion...ain't a damn thing that you can do about most stuff, so you gotta learn to roll with it. That's my new philosophy. It's gonna slam itself right in the face of half the people that I interact with on a regular basis. Relax, I'll say...slow the schmank Like they say in the islands, everyting gwana bee awreet, and if it isn't...shrug...whatchoo gonna do?

Living in Hawaii...easy.

Living in New York...easy.

Living wherever you happen to call home...should be easy, half the time it isn't. Why? What the #$%^! Home is where all your clean underwear is...where your DVD collection is...where you forgot your skateboard all summer, and where the BBQ is that you like to spark up on Friday nights when the weather's just right...Enjoy your life good people, 'cause despite this theory or that, you only get one.

I'm gonna live it up this year...gonna smile while I play the use in scowling. Chris Webber had all kinds of fun when he was shooting the hoops, as they say...even while he was consorting with known gamblers and calling imaginary time outs, even while he was dating what surely was a high maintenance Tyra Banks. Of course, he was rich as #$%& even in college, so that eases the stress a little, but take a cue from the big fella...never let 'em see you sweat, and smile, smile, smile.

I'm gonna get the ball rolling with this I think, and then maybe get busy trying to be as interesting as this guy. At the very least I might be hard to reach on the absolute most I'll be chillin' here...or here.


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