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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Books, books, and more books...and then some nausea

Zoey got her first library card today...yup...we snuck away to the park and beach and library combo that Brights Grove sports, and snatched Zo up her very first ever library card. She was pretty excited, and of course, we were camera-less. Zo, Grandma, Avery and myself soaked up the cutest little library ever, located about 50 yards from water and waves, and on the exact location of Canada's first commune. Kind of a cool tidbit, and hopefully not something that gives Zed any fancy ideas when she gets old enough to move out. We're comforted by the notion that it's not 1967, and that she doesn't really like being stinky. She does, however, enjoy nudity, and she has no problem sharing. I think we're safe though.

Anyway...Zoey's first two library books ever are...

Imagination Song by Joe Raposo and illustrated by Laurent Linn

Imagination Song

Silly Suzy Goose by Petr Horacek

Silly Suzy Goose

Good selection Zo. We're excited for bedtime so we can fully absorb your choices.

On a completely unrelated note, Zoey talked Dad into swinging with her in the park and now he feels hung over, a full hour and a half after the event. Sheesh, swings used to never do this to me, if they did I'd have spent my whole childhood yakking. Ugh, I could hurl right now. Libraries used to make me feel good, I suppose they still's the swings that kill me.


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