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Monday, August 30, 2010

All and nuthin' with the Coopers

DeWagners & Coopers
Daddy, Zoey, Mummy, Stace, the Samsquench & the infamous Scottpockets to round it off.

The Coopers drove down from Penetanguishene this weekend and we soaked it up on the beach, on the couch, around the fire, in the kitchen, over heaping plates of sushi and can say we sponged up all of the tasty juices of affectionate friendship for approx. 30-something hours and then as fast as they came, they were gone. It was a drive-by visit but a beauty day and a harf fo real. It's never, ever enough time though. The grown ups mostly chilled, and the funsters were mostly opposing magnets all weekend but still enjoying the beach and sunshine, and occasionally each was a regular awesomefest of everything ang and nuthin' for 36 hours or so.

More pics after the flip, but now I've got to go to sleep.

Mahalo etc...


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