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Sunday, July 25, 2010

When it's raining in Brooklyn...

Rain rain go away

When it's raining in Brooklyn the antique dealer on the corner of 3rd Place and Court Street hurries outside to cover up all of the treasures he has spread out across the sidewalk. The vintage clothing on sale racks that rest right there on the street are hustled inside, and the books that people have left out front of their stoops, for passers by to browse through and take...and why not, they're finished with them...get wet and change from some strangers stumbled upon entertainment to trash already set to the curb. When it's raining in Brooklyn the air cools and the umbrellas come out...the streets are busy, and the patios empty. When it's raining in Brooklyn traffic sounds better, hissing through puddles and slapping through raindrops, cars and cabs leave their precious parking spots and wet people run for the subway. When it rains in Brooklyn the stoops are empty, and Daddy's go walking with daughters, and they drink up the sights and sounds of a better Brooklyn, one where you can walk down the busiest street with the biggest umbrella and get nothing but smiles.

I like it when it rains in Brooklyn. I'm going to it when we finally leave.


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