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Monday, July 26, 2010

Watching a little girl grow up...

Zoey drum itterbugs

Zedder has turned into a bit of a celebrity at her Jitterbugs music class. Her teacher, Karen, is sweet and oh-so encouraging. She's really helped Zoey morph into one of the most confident little funsters in the room. She's still cautious, but now we're starting to realize that it's her cautious nature that allows her so much confidence once she's comfortable. It doesn't take Zoey long to size up a room, but size it up she certainly does. She's never been one to dive right into anything blindly, but she doesn't take very long to get a feel for most situations and then turn her smile and charm up to ten.

Zoey playing Jitterbugs

We've watched Zedder become a big girl by moving to this city. Her language has improved, her social sense, her confidence, her awareness and comprehension. She's eager to go and go and go, and wants to walk, for blocks and blocks. She absolutely loves the energy that surrounds her as she takes to the street each day. She loves the park. She loves the subway. She loves the dozens of dogs she walks past and pets each day. She loves the shopping. She loves all of the people on the street who stop to slather attention on her. She's quickly becoming a city girl. More importantly, she's turning into the kind of little person we were hoping she might with so many of these experiences to shape her.


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