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Thursday, July 22, 2010

An unlikely rendezvous...

Best bar ever

Running into an old friend is always awesome, but doing so in NYC almost completely by accident is even better. June and I found out just a few days ago that our good friends Jason and Kaylen were coming to New York for a brief vacation. They were bringing their family with them -- Layna, Dustin, Tim and Marylou -- and they had their little boy, Jace, in tow as well. We quickly arranged to meet up with them on Friday, and Dad scrambled to get over to Manhattan and connect with Jason. There used to be a time when not three or four days would pass without us seeing one another, but as life plays out, that kind of relationship gets harder and harder to maintain, let alone keep. Not a worry for either of us as we're typically just really excited to see one another.

Last night I met Jason and his Father-in-Law, Tim, at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square and we shuffled off down to 44th and 9th to take in some of Rudy's Bar and Grill's debaucherrific (awesome made up word) hospitality. At $2.50 a pint ALL THE TIME, you kinda can't skip Rudy's if you're thirsty and within walking distance of the famous Hells Kitchen landmark.

We had a few pints, laughed a lot, talked excitedly over one another and laughed about even was a great, great night, and an awesome way to re-connect. Tim, Kaylen's father, grew up very close to my grandparents. His father and my grandfather both served in the same infantry unit in WWII, and the stories came flowing as liberally as the Rudy's Blonde Ale. I think everyone had a pretty great time. It was certainly a good enough time that no one wanted it to end. We retired back to Tim's hotel room and enjoyed each other's company (and a few more beers) and kept the conversations going 'til after midnight, at which point I had to haul my bottom back to Brooklyn.

Handshakes...hugs, and the promise that we'd see each other again on Thursday, maybe, but for certain on Friday, kept me grinning all the way home. The F Train never felt so blissful.


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