Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Say It Ain't Soho?

June Zo F-Train
Mom and Zedder waiting for the F Train at the Carroll St. Station...nice shoulders Mom.

Soho and all the cobblestone street wandering that you can handle is just five or six subway stops from us. Get on the F-Train, 'cause it's the best train, and shoot across the East River until you smell money... then get off at E. Houston and Broadway and start walking South, but make sure that you've got your wallet with you. Also, you're probably going to feel very ugly and un-stylish, but that's okay 'cause everyone knows that in America you can buy your way into that club.

We wandered aimlessly, well, not entirely aimlessly, we had every intention of getting to the Patagonia store for their big sale...other than that it was a wide open day. We stumbled into a jackpot of credit card wrecking fun. We found a Sabon, and a Muji, and a couple dozen other places that we swore we'd come back to.

Zedder shopping at Mom's favorite store ever...MUJI.

Even if you're the dudest of dudes you could probably get a little jacked about shopping in Soho...first, it's a cool looking neighborhood...second, there about a billion and a half beautiful women wandering around looking like women should when they're too good to be true...and thirdly, there's the most sneakers this side of heaven to root through. I'm not kidding. If you've got feet and they're hankering for something awesome to cushion them from the elements without looking like you bought them at Footlocker, you can find 'em here.

Dad keeps running into these shoes and might need to own them.

We walked and conquered store after store...all while wandering past amazing architecture on cobblestone streets surrounded by sickeningly beautiful people. I think it was sunny out too, I wasn't paying attention.

Soho score at Muji, Patagonia and Sabon.

What's more fun than the stellar scoops Dad got at Patagonia is that we discovered that if you ask Zoey what train we need to take to get home, she says, "the F Train." Yeah she does. She has also become very Daddycentric lately and I've decided that I'm not sharing with anyone.


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