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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shopping like it's 1989...

80s shopping

Today I bought a blue jean jacket and some Sperry Topsider deck shoes... soft brown leather...feels like I've owned them since 1989. I felt fifteen years old. I half expected John Teeter and my brother, Brad, to walk around the corner of the Flatiron to tell me to quit shopping and get my arse in gear before we're late for hockey practice. Back then, of course, hockey practice wasn't at all about getting better. It was about screwing around, which was exactly what I was doing today. June bought a bag she didn't need in response to the rain boots she didn't need so she left them on the shelf. We wandered from West 4th in the Village all around and up Broadway, hovered around Union Square for awhile and then flipped on over to fifth and back down through Washington Square and home. It was a nice day to feel fifteen.

Broadway view

Gramercy Park and the Gridiron...Union Square, feels like home. We've spent so much time there over the years. It's truly one of my favorite parts of the city. Chuck Greenwich Village in that mix and I could probably pitch my tent here for a long time...not forever, I'm just not a New Yorker, but a long time.

Zed was an absolute dream again today...damn near every day. She handles all this so ridiculously well, and she's honest to goodness the happiest kid alive. With the exception of one or two moments of annoyance today (Dad and Mom's, not hers) she banged out another stellar day of happy to be here, just hope I can help the ball club. She's got the gift of a good attitude, regardless...rain or shine, lazy day or or there, anywhere...she's just happy to be hangin' around. There aren't too many worries in your way when Zed is with you.

Now we've got to get her slowly adjusted to the home she's heading back to. We talk about the beach as much as can...and Grandma, and Baachan, and Grandad, even Debu, and all of the cows in the pasture...there's going to be some adusting, I think, although mostly for grandparents who she'll want to incessantly drag around for walks...loooong walks. She certainly logs the miles less than four or five a day, I'd bet, and although she'll scale that back when she gets back to the beach house, it's hard to keep a good girl down.

It was another good, a lovely day, without fear of sounding lame. It was a lovely day with my wife and daughter and it's rare occasion anyone will hear me use that word, but today it was. It ended with slices of pizza from Giardini Pizzeria, and an awesome tribute to Paul McCartney on PBS, NY it or you're a fool.


Blogger John Teeter said...

HAHAHAHA! I found the sweetest jean jacket (Sudbury Dinner Coat) about a month ago at Talize. Best $5 I ever spent!


July 29, 2010 at 9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brooklyn looks so fun we are getting on our plane in a few hours and will get home about2:30 .see ya in provincials. Ave

August 4, 2010 at 7:12 PM  

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