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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dumbo ain't just a flying elephant...

Manhattan Bridge Dumbo 1

Today we wandered around Dumbo, which used to stand for down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, but now just stands for, well, Dumbo. The neighborhood used to it's amazing. The views of the looming Manhattan Bridge are both daunting and incredible.

Manhattan Bridge

We mostly just wandered...did a little shopping...seemingly all that we ever do, and followed Dad's customary travel itinerary of meandering through every bookstore in the area. Dad loves it...Zo loves it...Mom tolerates it, maybe snaps a picture or six.

Zoey Dad bookstore

I need to admit openly and with proper reverence, bookstores in New York are some of the best in the world. I find that a lot of New Yorkers think that their city offers something more than what you might find elsewhere, and in some cases it's everything they sell other times it's nothing. Bookstores need a separate scale for comparison, in fact, there might not even be a comparison. The bookstore that Zoey and hunkered down in this afternoon sold everything from new books, to used books...French, Russian, German, Spanish...whatever you needed, there was a decent chance that they could roust it from some shelf somewhere.

Sounds like a good afternoon for Dad and Zed, in any city, let alone this one. I hope that it ends up being one of the more favorite things that we share as Zoey grows up. I could spend an entire week's pay in places like that...and embarrassingly, most of that would be on the little girl.

I haven't found another city yet where you get so lost in books.


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