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Thursday, June 3, 2010

This little girl I know...

The Zedder is taking more shape. What was once just a name is now a persona, and le Zed, is indeed becoming, as any child does, a phenomenon never before seen in our home. She is generally quiet, and fairly reserved, albeit strictly in the company of others. In our easy to please presence she is precocious and animated. She is dramatic, as most little girls surely can be, but she is a smart enough cookie to not linger in the moment for too long. She is curious, as any child might be, and very, very analytical. She is a funny kid, and of course, she likes to play and interact with people. She’s not shy.

She says both please and thank-you, and learns quickly. She likes attention but doesn’t necessarily seek it out on every occasion. She plays all by herself, but is quick to join others. She likes hippos and frogs.

Bugs don’t frighten her, and she enjoys exploring. She’s not scared of much at all, really. She’s super curious about other kids, and she’s become smitten with The Muppet Show. When she dances she tends to stomp one foot, spin in circles and do this odd squat thing where her bottom practically touches the floor before she launches herself back northward. She does her best to sing songs, but kinda gets ‘em all wrong. She likes to color and draw, and she's fairly fascinated by lotions and powder..anything that can be rubbed into her skin. She likes Peter Rabbit.

Zedder can kick the hell out of a soccer ball, and there’s almost nothing she likes better than running through a fluttering towel or a windblown sheet that Mom or Dad is dangling above her. She giggles a lot. Zed doesn’t mind car rides, and she likes to wander in circles around the statues on the outfield concourse at Comerica Park. Her favorite thing at the zoo is the snake display. She likes Shin Soo Choo from the Cleveland Indians…I dunno why.

Zoey is quick to exclaim, “Oh Daddy,” when I’ve been silly, and she squeels “Zoey,” when she’s excited. She’s easily prompted for a kiss or a hug, and she can drink all by herself for a couple of minutes before it turns ugly and very, very wet. She likes to clean up. She uses any cloth that she can find to clean everything in sight, and she enjoys throwing things in the garbage. She gets easily frustrated, and has a quick but fleeting anger when it erupts. She’s stubborn but not too much, and she’s easily distracted but not so easy that you don’t have to earn her attention. She likes to eat beans.

Zo likes to play with the radio, and she draws on the windows with crayons (it rubs off real easy). She loves the sand, and gets excited to point out birds and boats on the beach. She likes the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song. She also likes to stand under the shower, and when you squeeze all of the water out from her frog bath toy she smiles and squeals, “peeeee.” She has her Mother wrapped around her little finger, and has a firm grip on all of Dad’s affectionate little pecadillos. She knows what’s up.

In six months the Zedder will be two years old. When did that happen?


Blogger Aunt Netta said...

I wish I could see more of this growing little character! The most I can get from her is this blog, it is the first thing I open up in the morning at work. I sure hope that I can see Zedder before she turns 2, I hope I can see Zedder before she turns 1 3/4. I guess this is how Kumi and Saechan felt when Mom left across the country and weren't able to see their first neices grow up. I miss you guys, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, and that "gotta do" is on the west coast. Give Zedder a kiss for me and remind her that her Aunt Netta loves her! :)

June 4, 2010 at 12:18 PM  

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