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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not so subtle affections...

See this little girl...we like her a lot. She's sort of like our everything, kinda like we were to our parents, and your kids are to you. We like to take pictures of her, write stupid stuff about her, take her places, spend time with her, consult her on matters of finance...well, not that last one, but all the other stuff, for sure. We would also like it if she made her grandparents proud, visited Japan more often than her parents, graduated from college, listened to good music, travelled, and brought home a Detroit Tigers fan to meet her Dad. We also hope that she never, ever, under any circumstances, wears velcro shoes or sweatpants when she doesn't have any intention of sweating.

We'd also like to see her eventually grow out of her obsession with frogs, that can't be a good thing to drag into adulthood.


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