Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Randoms

It struck me this morning that Mondays aren't really as bad as people make them out to be, not at all. Sure, it'd be awesome to not be at work, then maybe you could sleep in, and go to the beach, or the ballgame, or the flea market, or whatever it is that makes your soul feel all sturdy and such, but you can't just do that kind of thing all of the time, and certainly not whenever you damn well please, so we just need to buck up and get to it, which includes the supposed horrors of Mondays. Of course, it helps if your weekend fell together reasonably good, and also if the week ahead doesn't look too stupid, and of course, uneventful Mondays are best, right? Regardless, Mondays don't necessarily suck all that terribly. I wish someone had told me that a long time ago, then I could have salvaged something like 25 years worth of Mondays. If you attributed just nine hours to each Monday, and then multiplied the buggers all together, you'd be missing over 200 hours of usable time that you could enjoy rather than loathe. It's unfortunate, and I never liked math but this kind seems useful.

Anyway...getting on with it. The sun is shining. I've met some incredibly weird people today, which is always pretty cool, and nothing awful has happened yet...even cooler still. I've exercised discpline on numerous occasions, let myself slip on at least one other, and I'm not wearing any socks. Things couldn't get much better. I suppose they could if I was hanging out with June and a perfectly behaved and well-rested a 70 degree afternoon game at Dodger Stadium...with a beach towel awaiting my butt the very second the last out is recorded but that's not what's in store for me, so I'll just be happy with this thus far semi-glorious day.

Speaking of semi-glorious days, yesterday was a full-on Daddy day with the Zed...everything was Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, and it felt like a million and a half bucks. Everything that I did was funny according to Zo, we caught the Zedder staring at me all day, especially so while we were on the floor drawing together. She was mimicking everything I did, and she was hell-bent on spending mucho time with her Dad all day long. It was nice. The only thing better was discovering that Zo has somehow (Baachan or Mummy) picked up the Japanese slang for cool...kakkoii, and it's hilarious. Everything is kakkoii. It's cute as hell, head splitting and gut busting all at the same time. How does a 16 month old kid learn this junk?

Now enjoy this stuff and get back to work...

This just might be the funniest thing I've ever seen, at least since that time about a year ago when I watched that guy tryin' to play basketball while his Kippah kept fallin' off. No matter what he did that Kippah just kept finding a way to fall off. That was pretty funny too.

Actually, soak this up too before you get busy eating up your afternoon with those awful spreadsheets...this made me giggle more than Jack and Lemonade.

This too. I wanna meet these people, like right now, but I realize that patience is a virtue and all that crap. Anyway, back to work...


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